Evaluation of “metrics that matter” and product knowledge. Once we evaluate the level of performance and knowledge of your sales team, we put together a customized training program to meet and exceed those needs.


Products, Process and People

  • Group Training – Business Development and Digital Training. We teach your team a system that works and has repeatable results
  • Ignite Sales & Executive Coaching – Take those B players and make them A players
  • Managing a multi-generational work force – getting Millennials, Baby boomers, Gen Xers and the rest to work together as a high functioning team

Revenue Generation

Seminars and programs designed to put it all together; Our team brings a focused, disciplined sales program executed over a 12-week period, with the goal of securing yearlong multi-platform commitments from a select group of clients while training your team on the basics of Business Development. Utilizes all of your media assets without devaluing your inventory.

  • Our team works with your management team to develop the perfect Business Development and Digital program for you, your team and your market. Programs like:

o Local Business Spotlight

o Demystifying Digital


Our team are turn around specialists.

  • We can come into a market and turn around your team and your billing.
  • When you lose a key manager, we will send in a member or members of our team to help youthrough the transition. We maintain and grow revenue while we help you hire and onboard your new manager.


Top 60 Market

After working with the team for a little over a year, turned around an 8-quarter declining sales trend, achieved monthly and quarterly TV Budgets, Business Development and Digital goals. Most importantly – achieved a major paradigm shift as the team transitioned from a group of order takers into a team of professionals that fought for their “fair-er” share of each buy.


Doubled the stations digital billing in the first year. Doubled it again by the next year. Billings went from $250,000 to over a million dollars.


Top 50 Market

After 13 weeks, reversed the negative year over year pacing trend from previous quarters. Generated enough revenue to not only hit the quarterly goal, but made up shortfall from previous quarters. More digital billing on the final day of training than had been booked in the previous year. Also achieved a major paradigm shift as the team transitioned from digital protesters to digital and tv evangelists.


Top 20 Market

After 6 months despite a -6% down market, station was up over 8% which translated into +2 share points and growth of an entire market rank position. Generated over $250,000 in new business through pro-active business development efforts. Achieved a major paradigm shift as team transitioned from a group of unfocused, untrained order takers to a group of confident business development professionals.